Celebrate World Martini Day with Primus Hotel Sydney

June 19 is World Martini Day and what better way to experience the only truly bespoke cocktail than by having one of our master bartenders help you find your personal style?

By Benjamen Judd 

Bespoke is truly the pinnacle of luxury experiences. From suits to shoes, having something custom made to taste and measure is not only a reflection of personal taste but also an expression of decadence.  

According to our resident cocktail expert Nitin, martinis are made using a 2:1 mix of either gin and vodka with vermouth with either an olive or lemon twist. It’s this seemingly simple mix of ingredients that makes it so easy to tailor to taste.  

“When we’re preparing a martini for someone, we always ask a series of questions that will refine the final taste of the drink,” he explains.  

“We always ask: which spirit they prefer; whether they like it shaken or stirred; and would they prefer smoked (added scotch) or lemon for a lighter taste or the traditional ‘dirty’ or olive.” 


































A dry or wet martini depends on the vermouth – the dryer the drink, the less vermouth and vice versa. 

It helps to know your gins too. Because gin is flavoured with botanicals, each variety can offer its own unique touch to the end result. 

“We have a very particular way of making martinis here at The Primus,” states Nitin. 

“For a dry martini, we always go for the stir method (as I believe, shaking method bruises the beverage and dilute it a bit more) where the ingredients of vodka and vermouth in a 6:1 ratio are stirred for 30 seconds with ice and immediately fine strained in a carafe.” 

But why stop the adventure there? At The Primus Hotel Sydney, we like experience things that are a little outside of the ordinary. Which is why we’ve created one of the most diverse martini menus in the city to catch the eye of both the connoisseur and the novice. 

“We see the martini as a vibrant drink and we’ve created a list of flavours to match that, including the espresso martini, watertini with watermelon, the chocotini… We can also make your martini to order, to suit your specific tastes!” 

Bond fans may even ask for the iconic vesper martini – made using both gin and vodka, Kina Lillet (a type of bitter wine aperitif) in lieu of vermouth, shaken, and finished with a thin slice of lemon peel.


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