The Perfect Gin & Tonic

There is perfection in simplicity, and what could possess more pure simplicity than the traditional gin and tonic?

Whether it’s a refresher at the end of lunch or a quiet post-work toast in the evening, a gin and tonic remains a much-loved classic.

Revered for it’s simple, yet elegant flavours, the gin and tonic is a delicious staple of any self-respecting bartenders repertoire.

And so, with the recent World Gin Day bringing everyone’s attention to the much-loved liquor, The Primus Hotel Sydney thought it wise to bring to your attention our take on this traditional tipple.

Using one of our top shelf gins, we serve with a spiced iced ball embedded with flavoursome herbs and spices that slowly permeate the drink as the ice melts through, releasing rich aromas and new sensations for the palate.

Available at the Lobby Bar, we welcome anyone to come down and give our take on the iconic drink a try and see for yourself.  

But we have no doubt that you will agree after just one taste – we truly do serve the best gin and tonic in Sydney.


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