Caviar at The Wilmot

Delicacy of the elite and a sign of a distinguished palate, caviar has undergone a renaissance amongst gourmands. The polarising dish is also the latest addition to the menu at The Wilmot.

By Benjamen Judd  

The story of caviar is reads like something out of an epic novel: a history of being smuggled on black markets alongside diamonds and gold; the food of Russian Tsars; and produced by a fish that looks like it’s from a prehistoric era.  

Rich and sticky, almost overwhelming – caviar has an intensity of flavour that many can find too much at first taste.  

But then again all it takes is a first taste to truly appreciate the incredibly range of flavours that are apparent – salt and the sea, creamy and mineral, and even hazelnuts towards the end.  

Of course, Caviar varies in flavour, texture, colour and size according to the species of sturgeon that has produced the eggs, as well as the way it has been processed. As a general rule, however, the perfect roe must be sourced at optimum maturity, neither too ripe nor green.



At The Wilmot, we offer diners two of the world’s best caviar – Sterling Royale from the USA and Yasa from Dubai in the UAE. Both use humane and ethical methods of harvesting that ensure the future of local sturgeon numbers. 

The secret behind caviar, which distinguishes the novices from the gastrophile, is in the actual eating. 

As the story goes, metal spoons react with caviar and taint the flavour. Instead, spoons and dishes made using mother-of-pearl and even horn were used, adding to the sense of luxury to the experience. 

A spoonful of caviar is then placed on the back of your hand, in the indentation an inch or so back from the webbing between thumb and forefinger. Here, let the caviar sit until it is no longer cold. This is the perfect temperature to taste the deliciously intoxicating flavours that quality caviar has to offer. 

Both varieties of caviar are available as part of our bar and main menus. 

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