St Jeromes Laneway Festival

For lovers of music, this is the only event of the year that really matters.

On February 4, St Jerome’s Laneway Festival returns to Sydney’s College of the Arts in Rozelle with another stellar line-up of musicians to make your feet tap and hips shake.


More commonly known now as just ‘Laneway Festival’, the festival first started back in 2005 in Melbourne.


Soon, this series of weekly shows at a tiny bar has since bloomed into one of Australia’s most beloved festival institutions while retaining the ethos of a small-venue intimacy and indie scene.


Across a decade of expansion, and more than any other event, St Jerome’s has become an international signifier of essential music, the event continues to showcase its original set of values: championing community, fostering collaboration, encouraging self-expression, and finding ongoing excuses to have fun.


While maintaining a focus on Australia’s incredible music scene, there is still a good mix of international artists getting involved in 2018 too.


Joining the likes of Miss Blanks, Andy Garvey and Basenji are the brilliantly talented Marc Demarco, The Internet and one of the most critically acclaimed bands of 2017 – The War On Drugs.


Even if there is only one artist on the list, St Jerome’s is still one of the most chilled back, have-a-good-time festivals you will ever experience.


St Jerome’s Laneway Festival will take place on February 4 at Sydney’s College of the Arts in Rozelle.


For more information, including the full line-up of artists and tickets, head to the official website.

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