Feit Footwear

Feit Footwear

Born of a desire to create quality and sustainable footwear, Feit is the shoe for the fashion-lover with a conscience.

It’s a constant struggle for those who love fashion – the attempt to compromise investing in updates to the wardrobe without causing more harm to the environment from either waste or production.

It’s a sentiment shared by Sydney-based footwear label Feit.

Launched as a “reaction” to the fast fashion movement, Feit promises high quality footwear designed using sustainable methods and environmentally safe practices.

Founder Tull Price’s career began back in the ‘90s, when he first entered the foray of footwear with the iconic Royal Elastics (footwear of ravers worldwide). After witnessing how much chemical waste was involved in mass-production, Price took a step back to regroup and relearn, involving a trip to Europe to discover traditional methods of cordwaining.

And thus Feit was born…a collection of small-scale, handmade shoes that leave minimal impact on the landscape made using natural, biodegradable materials.

Tapping into the traditional crafting skills of Italian shoemakers, Feit shoes are built around a set of lasts made by master Italian last maker Verdichio Padrone, now 96 years old and based in Tuscany. Made using one piece of leather stitched at the heel means Feit footwear ensures comfort while allowing the shoe to mold to your foot – making them truly yours and yours alone.



While their core collection consists of a range of simple and elegant court shoes and boots, each season Price releases a limited run of variations on sneakers and boots that are available both online and at their boutique in Darlinghurst.


20 Burton Street



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